Acer Iconia A500 factory reset won't restart

  • Gerry

    My Acer A500 froze, with a blank screen ( complaining of low memory at that time), so I did a factory reset. Now the screen comes up with the ACER logo but doesn't do anything else within hours; I've tried to factory reset again but same effect. Any ideas on how I can force a start? Gerry

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  • Epitorial

    Boot up your phone. When it gets stuck on the logo, remove battery then place it again.

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    How do I hard/factory/whatever reset a 1.6 tablet that will not boot?
  • Mawg

    I have one of those cheap 7" China jobs which I use as an eBook reader and not much more.

    Suddenly it won't start, by which I mean that I see the "BIOS screen" with the green Android robot and the OS version, kernel version and SDK version, then it shows a black screen with the word "Android" forever.

    There is no software installed apart from the eBook reader, so I don't mind doing a "hard reset".

    How can I bring the tablet back to life?

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  • Chahk

    Did any manuals or documentation come with this thing? Is there a manufacturer's website for tech support? Look for ways to get into "Recovery Mode" which should have options for doing a "factory reset".