Dropbox files won't open, 'Permanent Failure'

  • gary

    Opening files from the Dropbox app seems to always result in a 'Permanent Failure' message. I see that some of the progress bar fills before the error appears. In the past I used Dropbox to view many file types, including JPG, TXT and PDF.

    I am googling the problem but I don't see anything specific in the results. I'm wondering if it is due to having too full of an SD card. I will test that shortly.

    Device: HTC Incredible (Android 2.3.4), App version: 2.0.1

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  • gary

    I fixed this by removing data from the SD card. It was nearly full. Freeing up ~1GB of the card solved the problem. It's likely that the application uses some SD card space to open files.

  • Erk

    I had the same problem (after the latest update to Dropbox 2.3.8, the other day), however I had 8gb memory left (and some 600mb internal).

    I had to uninstall the whole app to make Dropbox work again. With the following steps:

    1. Clear cache and remove data
    2. Uninstall the app
    3. Restart the phone
    4. Reinstall the app
    5. Files can be opened again...

    I also tried to locate the "com.dropbox.android"-folder per the information at the following page (http://www.reddit.com/r/Nexus7/comments/19i7bs/dropbox_permanent_failure/), but that was after I had uninstalled the application and I couldn't find the folder (which seems logic).

    I am running a HTC Desire Z with Android OS 2.3.3.

    Hope this helps!

  • Tyson Williams

    I resolved this issue by reinstalling the app, but now that I think about it, this might have been caused by the fact that I had changed my password (using the web interface) but never told by phone app the new password.

  • Gopal

    I had the same problem. It was solved after I unlinked my device from Dropbox (in Dropbox Settings) and then re-linked it.

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    Update text files on Android and sync to Dropbox
  • Josh Earl

    I'm transitioning to plain text files as the basis for my GTD system, which is awesome when I'm at my laptop (Vim editing all the way).

    However, I haven't yet figured out a good way to take quick notes on my Android tablet, which is a Xoom running Honeycomb (not yet rooted, although I'm open to the idea).

    Ideally what I like is a script or widget that would pop up a textbox that I could type a note into. The note would then be saved and synced to Dropbox automatically.

    The idea is for this capture process to be as seamless as possible. I would like to avoid having to remember to manually sync files in the Dropbox app, or launch an app and fuss with naming a file, browsing to the correct directory, etc. The apps I've tried so far are much too fiddly for my tastes.

    Any suggestions for how I could accomplish this? I'm a developer, I could definitely tackle a more code-oriented solution if that's the only way.

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  • Al E.

    I use an app called Epistle to create/edit textfiles within my Dropbox repository. It even supports Markdown.

    There are other similar apps in the Market. If you've embraced todo.txt for your to-do management, Gina Trapani's Todo.txt Touch is helpful. It also syncs to Dropbox.

  • Andrey Losev

    I'd recommend a combination of a text editor - either one of the market ones or vim from busybox (requires root) and dropsync which is a full dropbox client (unlike their own client, it syncs both ways). This would be pretty much the same setup as on the laptop, zero learning curve :)

  • ThePaul

    Denote is an app I wrote that syncs text files to and from Dropbox and also offers a Markdown preview (useful to a lot of GTDers).

    Re: The pinning a note to the home screen feature. Would the widget you are typing into on the home page represent a specific text file?

  • Seasoned Advice (cooking)

    Um, I don't know how helpful this will be to you but I recently bought an app called Ultimate To Do list which is GTD-based and captures notes on the 1st screen. What's neat is that it automatically syncs to ToodleDo which can be opened from any browser (and thus any device). There's no fuss with syncing. I don't mean to tout an app, but Ultimate To Do is actually one of the only apps I actually shelled out money for. There's a free version where all the features are unlocked for a trial period so you can try it out and see if it meets your needs.