google play store - Application downloading error (919)

  • hussain

    I am experiencing a problem with Google Play in my Android phone. When I download new apps from the Play Store, it completes 100% and then shows me an error:

    (unknown Error code during application install:''919'')

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  • Izzy

    Converted from my comment on the question itself:

    According to a post on StackOverflow, this is most likely a network issue. In his answer there, Vignesh writes:

    Its due to wifi restriction, when i connect the internet through my service provider its working fine. Able to install any application.

  • lost

    I was getting the same thing when updating apps. Tried over wifi and service provider network same thing was not with just one app all apps that were set to up date even google apps. I cleared the cache and it seems to be working fine now settings/app manager/googleplaystore/clear cache

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    4.1 jelly bean - Play Store not downloading app without wifi
  • Rumit Parakhiya

    I have just bought Samsung Galaxy Grand phone featuring android jelly bean. I am trying to download some app using my mobile data. But, it doesn't download application, while I am not connected to wi-fi network. It downloads apps while I am connected to wi-fi without any issue.

    Can anybody suggest me, what setting is restricting me to download without wi-fi network?

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  • Dan Hulme

    There are two things to check.

    1. Go into Settings from the Play Store app's menu. The third one down is Update over Wi-Fi only. Turn this off if you want to download apps over a cellular internet connection. It's on by default so that if you have to pay per kb of data you don't get surprised by a large bill.

    2. Apps larger than a certain size (I think 50 MB) only download over Wi-Fi regardless of this setting. (The Play Store app will prompt you if you try to download a large app and you're not on Wi-Fi.) This applies to lots of games but not many applications.

  • Rumit Parakhiya

    Finally, I got it resolved. The issue was with APN settings provided by my service provider. Fixing that fixed downloading issue.