clockworkmod - Fastboot is getting stuck while trying to flash CWM onto Nexus 4

  • juffel

    After successfully unlocking the bootloader of my new Nexus 4 using adb and fastboot I now want to install ClockworkMod Recovery onto my device. Sadly it is not working properly. I am using Gnome Ubuntu 13.04 and installed adb and fastboot with apt. While in fastboot mode my device is visible when testing with

    $ sudo fastboot devices
    002847af108bXXXX    fastboot

    when I try to flash the ClockworkMod image recovery-clockwork- using

    $ sudo fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-
    sending 'recovery' (7814 KB)...

    it gets stuck. I already waited for 40 minutes to complete but since the size of the image is around 8Mb I suppose it cannot take that much time and something is not working correctly. Strangely also my USB-connected keyboard and Bluetooth-connected mouse are ignoring my inputs while fastboot is running.

    I also tried renaming the .img file to recovery.img with the same result. Perhaps I am missing something obvious, but I have no idea what the problem could be.

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  • jacobcase94

    I have a Motorola Atrix 4G, with AT&T Carrier. Android 2.3.4

    EDIT 11/6/2011: I don't know if this means anything, but I don' have an sdcard in it.

    I have rooted it using this tutorial.

    I installed Rom Manager and installed the Clockwork Recovery Image, with success (supposedly).

    Here are where the problems occur. When I turn off the phone and turn it back on, while holding the volume down button, I get the big red M and scroll down to "Android Recovery" and select that. I then get "Failed to boot 2".

    Ok, so I reboot and go back to my stock rom and try reinstalling the rom, and it down nothing to change the situation.

    Next, I try running the fastboot software in the command window on my pc using the command "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img" (recovery.img is the clockwork mod). On my phone it says "Flashing Partition Recovery" then "Flashing MBR to device" and finally "Failed to process command flash:recovery error(0x180002)".

    Any suggestions? I did google the problem, but the answers I have found didn't apply or didn't work.

    Please help, Thanks.

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  • Chahk

    Rooting the Atrix 4G does only that - gives you elevated privileges on stock OS. In order to be able to install a different recovery image and custom ROMs, the phone's bootloader must be unlocked first.

    This is a fairly complicated process that carries the usual warnings and disclaimers of modifying phone software. It will most definitely void your warranty with AT&T (and possibly with Motorola as well,) so be very certain that your phone is either free of hardware defects, or out of warranty with your carrier before unlocking it.

    See this thread on xda-developers forum for further details and installation instructions.

  • t0mm13b

    I've taken a Motorola Atrix a couple of months before and all the threads I found have links to "sbf" (required to unlock) which have been removed from the net (I believe by Motorola itself) so basically I couldn't find any working "sbf" files to be compatible with firmware 2.3.4 nor a version of a program fastboot with inside a command called oem unlock available (all the versions I have tried are telling me that "unlock is not implemented")

    I was not able to un-lock the Atrix for my girlfriend which is very depressing, because the actual ROM installed burns the battery in a very short space of time.

    So, can anybody point me to a website that has a "sbf" file that works with Firmware 2.3.4 or a fastboot.exe which has enabled the function oem unlock

    Thanks for help