Flashing 5300 ROM on Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300B

  • alentor

    A friend of mine asked me to root his Samsung Galaxy Pocket, but the model he has is 5300B.

    I found a root guide, and ROMs only for the regular 5300.

    Can I still install a ROM which was made for the 5300 on the 5300B version?

    Thank you.

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  • Matt

    When I boot into recovery all the text moves so fast I can't read what's happening, then it just boots normally without the new ROM. Is there any log I can review to find out what is happening?

    Here's a little background on what I'm doing:

    I started with a stock Samsung Fascinate fresh from a factory reset. I rooted it using this method. I installed ROM Manager from the Market then I installed Clockworkmod with this method. Finally I tried to install jt1134's Super Clearn 0.9 (DJ05) from ROM Manager. It downloads the ROM offers me the option to backup my current ROM (which I decline because it's already backed up) and the option to wipe cache and data which I choose then hit OK. From here it boots into Recovery and then the text scrolls up the screen so fast I can't see whats happening, then it boots into the regular stock ROM which would suggest the ROM installation failed. One other note, ClockworkMod recovery appears to work except when I manually boot into it and choose "reboot" it hangs on the clockworkmod icon.

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  • Matthew Read

    It sounds very much like the recovery is borked. I recommend using Odin to re-flash recovery (or even the entire ROM if you can get ahold of an Odin-flashable version). Here's a recent guide from XDA.