Forward SMS message from one Android phone to another

  • Poornendu

    How can I forward an SMS message from one Android phone to another? I'm using Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • Answers
  • TronicZomB

    In the native messaging app you can long press on a message and choose the option "Forward".

  • Nick Hargreaves
    1. Download the app "SMS Gateway" on play store and install on the phone you intend to forward messages from
    2. Use "forward incoming message to HTTP" on the app
    3. Create code at the forward URL that sends mail to an email address with the number intended to forward the messages to as the Subject and the text message as the body
    4. Use "Listen to POP send commands" on the sms gateway app and set the pop settings to those of the email address used above. ...And voila!

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    sms - Recipients complain they receive Text Message from me with a half hour delay
  • Brian McCarthy

    I have a G2 w/ Android 2.2 on T-Mobile and Some of my friends complain that they receive Text Message with a half hour delay. One friend is on T-Mobile and one is on ATT so I'm not sure if it's a network, sim card issue, phone issue, android issue, or if it's just their phone....

    How can my friends fix this issue? New SIM card?

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  • GAThrawn

    There was a point a couple of years ago where I had persistent problems with SMSs not being delivered, or being delivered hours late to one particular person. That person was my girlfriend at the time, so you can imagine how well it went down that I seemed to be ignoring her all the time. After much backwards and forwards with the network they ended up issuing us both with new SIM cards and we never saw the problem again.

    SMS was never originally designed to be used the way that we all use it today, and is unreliable, but if this keeps happening bug your network and they may be able to do something to help.