application autoupdate - How to enable Play Store auto-update for just a few apps?

  • onik

    As the title says, I'd like to enable auto-update for trusted apps (e.g. Google apps), but if I open the app in Play Store and check Auto-update, I get the question "Auto-update is currently disabled for all apps. Do you want to enable it? You can always change this in Settings. Data charges may apply." Now, if I select Yes, auto-update is turned on for all apps and I have to deselect each one separately.

    What I'm looking for is a way to enable auto-update, deselect all apps from auto-update and manually select which apps are allowed to auto-update (i.e. opt-in instead of opt-out).

    Running stock 4.2.2 on Sony Xperia Z. I haven't rooted the device so solutions without root are preferred.

    EDIT: The situation turned even worse. Now, if I have several apps waiting to be upgraded and I select Update all, I get a popup for each and every app asking "Auto-update has been disabled for [app], are you sure you want to update?". Seems like we're being driven to enable auto-update for all apps, and I don't like it.

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  • geffchang

    You can do that with Titanium Backup Pro's Market Auto Updates… feature.

    enter image description here

  • Kmelkon

    Go to the desired app, touch the 3-dotted menu button and check auto-update for that app.

  • Gh0sT

    As you might already know...this feature finally comes in-built with Play Store v4.3.10. See this.

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    Is there any way that to turn off auto update of Android Market apps? My phone prompts me for available updates and it runs in the background, and I think it's sapping precious battery power.

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  • Jamboozlez

    Yes, change the notification settings in Market -> (Menu button/Action Bar Button depending on device) Settings.