How to I force a bluetooth connection with a paired device while that device is currently connected with another paired device?

  • wirbly

    I have 3 jellybean devices (xoom, N7, & GNex) all paired with a single set of bluetooth headphones (Sony DR-BT21G). Occasionally I get settled in with a device to watch netflix, only to find that my headphones are currently connected to the last used device in another room. Right now I have to get up and find the other device and either shut it off, or manually disconnect the bluetooth connection with the headphones before I can manually connect with the device I want to use. Seems pretty clumsy, especially when I'm feeling exceptionally lazy.

    So.. How can I tell the device I'm holding to just "take over" the connection, forcing the other device to disconnect?

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    Help pairing bluetooth headset/microphone with Samsung Galaxy Tab & Skype?
  • Volomike

    I have had some difficulty getting a bluetooth headset/microphone to work with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and with Skype.

    First, the bluetooth scanner can only find some headsets, not all of them. I tried to get a Motorola H350 headset to work, but it failed. Then I tried a Sprint Jawbone headset and it synced, but in Skype the microphone in it didn't work and it was using the microphone on the Galaxy Tab instead. I mean, I walked away from my tab and said "testing 1, 2, 3", and couldn't hear it. Instead, I heard someone near my tab saying, "testing a, b, c".

    Second, I don't know if it's just a Skype issue or the Galaxy Tab hardware that's preventing Skype from picking up my voice over the paired bluetooth headset. Or perhaps it's the headset. Or perhaps I must use only a Samsung-brand headset.

    In a nutshell, I want to use Skype calling on my Galaxy tab, and purchase a headset that lets me use the microphone in the headset.

    Has anyone gotten this to work? What's the trick?

    EDIT: I have since purchased these wireless headphones which also include a built-in mic. These sync'd up for audio output, but in Skype I could not get audio input. So, I then temporarily rooted my device (thank you z4 root tool) and edited /system/etc/bluetooth/audio.conf to enable some settings that Verizon Wireless and/or Samsung disables in the unit. I then reset the unit and did the headset repairing again. In the end, Skype would not do audio input from the headset. But I noticed this, however. The microphone on the Galaxy Tab is outstanding. It collects the audio input in such a way that drowns out background sound. So, in a sense, you can still use the headset with the tab and walk around in your cubicle, or even talk on a crowded bus, and for the most part it will clearly pick up your voice. It's a nice compromise since headsets with mics don't seem to work with the Galaxy Tab. This might be a symptom of Skype. Their tech support says they don't support audio routing through the headset. However, I noticed that headset audio on the Galaxy Tab also doesn't work with every other app I've tried as well.

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  • danv

    I also have the proble second problem, and I found the skype staff said :Skype doesnt currently support routing the audio to a bluetooth device. Maybe this is the reason...

  • Sandy

    Glad to see someone else with the same ambition, however, I just received a samsung wep870 headset and it's not behaving any different. According to samsung support, in order to use a headset in the first place, the headset must support a2dp. Perhaps someone else well have some luck making this work.

  • Seasoned Advice (cooking)

    I have a Sony Stereo bluetooth that is working on all the audio apps so far, including Skype. It's the (Sony) DR-BT10CX. I hope this helps. fardroid