How to load apps onto Samsung galaxy

  • Louise

    When trying to download apps to Samsung galaxy phone I keep getting signon time- out message - keep going round in circles.

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    charging - Samsung Galaxy Ace wont charge
  • Brian Cumbria

    Hello my wife has the galaxy ace gt s5830 but for some reason it wont charge either off the original charger, or blackberry charger, neither off the usb in the laptop will it charge, if i take the battery out and my mate charges it in his, put it back in the phone, the phone will work fine, its not an old phone about 3mths, but draw a blank when i get intouch with the internet company i purchased from so cant return it. Cheers Brian

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  • Matthew Read

    Sounds like the USB port is broken, though it should be fixable with soldering or something. Take a look outside to see if the pins were snapped off or anything, and inside if not.