How to open a securedownload.bin file?

  • Anizz

    I have an android tablet, which I don't know what version it is. I want to ask how can I open a securedownload.bin file? I'd downloaded it from an email attach, and I want to put it in other file in the tablet. And, how can I view a .rar file? Thank you.

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  • Izzy

    Quoting from another answer:

    The securedownload.bin file is from your email app trying to download/save an attachment. The app creates this file (no matter what the actual name of your attachment is) whenever you try to view or save the attachment.

    So you first need to figure out how the file was originally named and rename it accordingly. Then you can tell from the file name what app may be suiting to open it.

    As for .rar handling, simply search for "rar" on Google Play, which turns up tons of fitting apps right on the first result page, which can deal with .rar, .zip, and other archive files (e.g. B1 Free Archiver zip rar unzip or AndroZip File Manager).

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  • GWLlosa

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  • kkaploon

    If it's a file from a website, you should probably try to use a different browser. Opera Mini for example uses a different download manager (not the native one) so it doesn't refuse to download any files.

    If you want to move them over from a PC, try some of those methods.

  • BlackShift

    The ASTRO file manager has an option "Allow the Web browser to download any type of file". I think that does what you (and me and everybody else) wants, but haven't tried it yet.

  • Louis Rhys

    use awesome drop. You only need to install the awesome drop app from the market, then go to, and then enter the pin given in the webpage to your app, et voila you can transfer any file from your PC to phone over the internet.

    edit: there is an intro video here.