app2sd - Is there a weather app that can be moved to an SD card, with a separate widget program?

  • jumpnett

    In know some apps offer separate widget apps so you can move the main app to the SD card. Is there any weather apps designed like this? I haven't been able to find one, so does anyone know if one exists?

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  • lenik

    Separate widget app may be available in case when wigdet covers only a small subset of the main application functionality. However, for the weather app and weather app widget the main difference is the screen representation, the processing routines are almost the same. I'm sorry to say, but it's very unlikely to find the weather application with the separate widget.

    Moreover, with the Froyo/Eclair moving into the obsolescence quite steady and newer version of Android having "unlimited" app storage in the range of 8-16GB, it's very unlikely the new developers will ever be inclined to make that kind of widget app.

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    htc desire hd - Is there a weather widget/app that has both very good location support and supports multiple locations?
  • Let_Me_Be

    Is there a weather widget or app that has good location support (Central Europe) and support for multiple configured locations?

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  • Dave Veffer

    WeatherBug (free) seems to meet your criteria. Has nice widgets, multiple location support, and tons of weather stations.

    There is also a pay version (WeatherBug Elite) which removes ads and adds several additional features such as radar in motion and detailed hourly forecasts.

  • Sparx

    There's also The Weather Channel official app - which some users claim is more accurate than WeatherBug. Try both and see which suits you better.

    Weather Channel App