notifications - LG Optimus Pro C660 won't vibrate for SMS

  • brittany

    I just bought the Optimus Pro C660 and it will vibrate when I get a call or the alarm clock goes off but it won't vibrate when receiving an SMS. I have gone through all the settings and set it to "Vibrate Always", but it still doesn't work. I heard that you can download apps to make it vibrate - would that help? Are there any other solutions for this?

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  • Deepak

    Go to Messaging. Select setting. Go to notification settings. There you have an option to switch on vibration for Notifications.

  • sheepeeh

    If you're willing to go with a 3rd party app, I'd recommend Handcent SMS. It goes a step further by allowing you to assign specific vibration patterns to different contacts.

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  • sickgemini

    When I receive calls and alarms go off, the phone vibrates. However it won't vibrate for any notifications.

    Changing the vibrate setting from vibrate always or vibrate only when in silent mode has no effect.

    Does anyone know what can cause this and how to fix it? Is there a separate hidden setting for notification vibrations?

    For what it is worth I'm running a HTC Magic with a custom 2.3-Gingerbread ROM installed. This definitely used to work. Not sure what I did to break it though.

    Update: I've got it working again by playing with the settings.

    Under Settings->Sound settings->Volume 'Use incoming call volume for notifications' was ticked.

    When I un-ticked this setting the notification vibration began to work again. This seems really strange to me and if anyone could help me understand what is going on it would be much appreciated.

    Update 2: Installed an app called AudioManager. It has separate vibrate checkboxes for alerts and ringer. Using this helped too. Not 100% but it seems to indicate separate settings that are not exposed through the regular settings interface.

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  • sickgemini

    Install an app called AudioManager. It has separate vibrate checkboxes for alerts and ringer. Setting the checkbox for alerts fixed the issue for me.

  • Matthew Read

    You can have app-specific notification settings. Have you gone into the settings of the offending apps to see whether they're set to vibrate on notifications?