file transfer - Problem connecting Galaxy Note 10.1 to Mac OS X Mountain Lion

  • iProgrammer

    I'm trying to connect my Galaxy Note 10.1 (running Android 4.2.2) to my Mac OS 10.8 machine via USB. I used Android File Transfer, but it gives me an error that says:

    Could not connect to device. Try reconnecting or restarting your device.

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  • Voornaam Achternaam

    Did you try to set the USB Connection mode to Camera (PTP) mode or Media device (MTP) mode? Might help to deinstall KIES. The USB cable does work on another laptop/pc?

  • iProgrammer

    I found a reason of my problem. Before installing Android File Transfer i installed KIES. After installing AFT i uninstall the KIES. i understand that when i uninstall the KIES uninstall USB driver too. So installed KIES again and AFT is working!!! Its really cool application!

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    lg optimus one - How do I connect LG P500 to Mac OS X Lion?
  • John

    I've been given a nice LG-P500 phone for my 67th birthday.

    How the heck do I transfer music, photos and videos from the phone to my iMac OS X Lion, and vice versa?

    I can't access the mini-SD card, so I can't find the LG PC Suite IV which is referred to in the P500 "Simple Manual". In the "Important notice" pink pages bit, in section 9 I can get up to the first part of para. 4: I can turn on USB storage on the phone. The phone opens "Image Capture" when I connect it by USB to the iMac. There is nothing visible. And of course an .exe file is for Microsoft Windows, not Apple.

    Don't tell me I have to buy Parallels. And if the only way is sending stuff up into the clouds and retrieving it again, I'm not impressed. LG should surely have a way of doing it direct to Mac. After all, Mac OS isn't exactly new!

    So, two requests:

    • Where can I download a Mac Lion version of LG PC Suite?

    • Where can I download a "Full Manual"? The "Simple Manual" - which you can download from all over the place - says "you can do stuff" but not, unfortunately, "this is how you do stuff." Not much use.

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