usb drivers - Samsung GT-i9000 not detect USB connectivity in Windows 8

  • Harel Barash

    I bought a new windows 8 laptop and tried to install the phone driver to recognize it, but can't succeed: I installed and restared the Samsung driver package and restared my computer, I also tried to search through the device Manager on the web but it didn't find anything (which is strange because in Windows 7 it did find). I also have a Windows 7 laptop and it works there...

    What Should I do?

    found the solution!

    First check if u have normal google adb drivers, if no then download them , put your device in usb debugging mode (this settings location depends upon your android OS version)

    Go to Devices and printers in control panel -> go to properties of your device ( device should be connected) -> Change settings -> update driver -> Let me pick driver from my pc -> adb interface -> (it will give u list of adb drivers on ur machice) if you find any Samsung driver there click on it and click next or finish. Else choose google adb interface driver and finish.

    Your device should be working properly with proper drivers installed :)

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    Why does my Samsung GT-i9000 not detect USB connectivity (not a driver problem)?
  • Questioner

    I have made several searches across many boards but failed at finding a solution for my problem yet, even though it's been reported by some.

    My phone was working fine for about a month, I was using the mass-storage technique without a problem until it stopped working one day.

    Now, when I plug in my phone by usb to any computer, the connection screen will not come up, the battery charging icon sometimes fails to appear as well and I can hear the computer detecting a new device but it will not recognize it.

    I did a hard reset on the phone, which ended up in 2.1 instead of the 2.2 i had, and the problem persists.

    I have tried everything, from usb debugging mode to uninstalling/reinstalling drivers, even tried with my friend's cable and it does the same thing...I am very frustrated!

    Anybody got a fix for me?

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  • Adrian

    How do you know it is not a driver problem?

    You've tried different cables? hopefully one that is confirmed to work with another phone.

    Have you tried a different computer?

    If its still dead to USB- then it sounds like a hardware issue with the phone, if you're under warranty then take it back!

  • KCD

    Turns out my center pins (2 and 3) on my Galaxy S were dirty. Try cleaning the port (or plugging in the cable many, many times)

    See this question for the description of the pins Micro USB cables that only charge but no data, no mounting etc (Samsung Galaxy S)

  • KCD

    Maybe this will help you thanks, to My Samsung Galaxy 3 (GT-i5801) is not being detected in my PC -- What should I do?:

    1. Unplug the USB cable
    2. On the cell phone, dial the following number: *#7284# Once the last # is hit, the PhoneUtil application is launched. Choose USB -> Modem and then USB -> PDA mode. The good mode should be PDA. Even if the mode is PDA, switch to Modem and then back to PDA.
    3. Plug the USB cable.
  • Flow

    I hear these symptoms quite a lot from the Galaxy S: USB charging does work, but the Galaxy S does not get recognized and no USB data connection (mass storage, debug, etc.) is established.

    This seems like a hardware design flaw, which hopefully got fixed with newer models. I think you should return your phone and have it repaired.