text message notifications on my lock screen of my galaxy s 3

  • melanie

    I have just gotten a galaxy s 3 and am trying to get the notifications of a new message to show up at a push notification on my lock screen. I have looked for setting to change to do so but can't find anything other than the message showing up in my lock screen. Can someone help me? ?

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  • Mihai Boisteanu

    That's weird. I have an S2 and when I get a message I can swipe the message notifications action and it gets me right to the message. If you didn't find anything maybe you can add messaging as an unlock shortcut to get you right to your messages.

  • EdmundYeung99

    As far as I know, there is no setting for this unfortunately.

    Samsung will occasionally update the S3 with OS updates such as recently to 4.3 which changed the way text messages are displayed on the lock screen. So it not only depends on which version of Android you are running but which Samsung update you have got.

    Perhaps you can try download a lock screen replacement app from the Play Store?

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    Problems after updating my Galaxy S3 to 4.1.1: Display randomly comes on for a few seconds
  • treeTALKER

    I updated my Galaxy S3 (GT-i9300) to JellyBean 4.1.1, now the display randomly comes on for a few seconds, then goes off. When pushing the "unlock" button it now gets a disgusting thick red border around the edges of the display which flashes on and off, this also happens when one activates some of the apps (not sure if particular ones or just random).

    When accessing some of the standard apps I now get these irritating "help" popups and clicking the "don't display this again" hasn't turned these off; they reappear with this box unchecked; there seem to be a couple of other things as well, but haven't established exactly what yet.

    Rebooting several times didn't fix any of this; I haven't taken the battery out yet, and, the update manager just says the system is up to date, so a reload seems to be out of the question.

    As one can expect this is fairly irritating on a fairly new high end cellphone. Any ideas of what happened? Any fixes for this?

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  • Suraj Bajaj

    Please could you check the developer options in System Settings -> Developer Options? It sounds like some are enabled, you should turn them all off using the toggle switch at the top, or just untick them all.

  • Antigona

    To stop red border showing go to System Settings > Developer options, uncheck Strict mode enabled and restart the device.