applications - Why do certain apps run even when I don't use them?

  • Pwninstein

    I've found that certain apps (Amazon MP3 and Stocks, for example) will occasionally be running in the background even when I've never once opened them. Why is this? This is not desirable - those CPU cycles are mine, not theirs!

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  • colithium

    Those apps come with the phone and can't be turned off or removed unless you root. Blame your carrier. There's really nothing you can do about it non-rooted. I feel your pain.

  • Dmitriy Likhten

    This goes with another post I made about a slightly different issue.

    Background apps usually just respond to events. Events they care about, which is usually nothing for these sprint apps.

    They take up RAM. HOWEVER unlike a desktop, when android wants ram it will remove anything in the "background" that it wants (older first) to free up space.\

    The only exception to ram freeing up is when it sends notifications (a permanent icon in the notification bar... like a downloading icon from the market while the item is downloading).

    So don't worry so much about it. These bloatware apps don't harm your android unless they do anything because batter is a big concern. Careful with facebook/twitter as they ping the service every few seconds, you can disable the "pinging" by just disabling the behavior, they won't do anything then. Even the messenger app might get removed from memory, when the system does a background synch it wakes up, loads, runs, and goes back to inactive.

  • Thomas

    Most of my background is with iPhone, and there are certain launch daemons that run when the phone starts up. Sounds like this is the case here too. Dennis from this post says

    The only thing I know of, like I point out, requires rooting the phone and voiding the warranty. Go to /etc/rcx.d and remove the associated file with the executable. (This, of course, assumes that the filesystem follows the same hierarchy as every other Linux distro I have run.)

    Hope this helps!

  • Magnetic_dud

    This does not answer the question, but you could root your phone and disable the autostart with autostarts, or just remove them with Titanium Backup

  • Rob

    Before rooting your phone, a not-so-easy operation, you should have a try to disable the auto launch when the phone restart.

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    applications - "Update unsuccessful" on all apps running on SD card
  • Nik Majdan

    I know this problem has been reported before, but man, I am really, really getting tired of it. I have not been able to update any app running from the SD card on my HTC Evo since I got it nearly 6 months ago. I just went through all of my apps and documented which ones are on SD storage and phone storage. I was then able to go through my list of updates and select just those that are on phone storage and then all succeeded (11 apps). I then went through some of the ones on SD storage and they all failed (tried 7, but I probably have 10-15 more).

    I have tried many of the "fixes" I've seen online like clearing the cache on the Market app. There is not enough internal space for all my apps. I refuse to accept some of the "fixes" as true fixes like deleting the app and reinstalling it or moving the app to the phone storage, updating, and then moving back. Those are not acceptable fixes in my book. This is a major black eye on the Android OS to me. When people ask me if Android is as good as iOS, this problem is front and center in my mind when I tell them that its good, but I'd rather have an iPhone (but, I'd rather have this than my old Blackberry). I get my phone through work, so rooting is not an option. Has anybody else had any success resolving this issue? I'm using the SD card that came with the phone but has anybody had luck with a different brand?

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  • Lie Ryan

    How many internal space do you have (check on Settings > SD card & phone storage settings > Internal phone storage > Available Space)? Make sure to leave at least 15-20 MB of internal space (probably larger if you have a large number of large apps) so you can safely update apps. If you have little internal memory left, then updates will fail and "Update All" will fail en masse. The solution is to update the apps one by one, or to clear up some space in the internal memory.

    I never had problems with updating apps installed in SD card except when my phone's internal memory reaches about 5-10 MB.

  • Dave McClelland

    I asked a similar question a few months ago. Unmounting the SD card and updating seemed to resolve the problem in the short term, but I also get the error every so often when attempting to install updates. I'm not sure what actually causes the problem to occur, but in the meantime I am installing apps onto my SD card and when I get an installation/update unsuccessful, I move it to internal storage. Most of my apps reside just fine on my SD card, so it hasn't been a big deal.

    I do sympathize with how annoying it is, though. Best of luck finding a more long-term answer.

  • user3144

    I had the same issue for awhile running Bugless Beast ROM on my Droid and I couldn't get rid of it and finally gave up. Then one day I moved to CyanogenMod 6 (wiped, etc) and the problem stopped.

    Wish I could give an easy answer, but, for me, it didn't go away until a wiped everything and started over with a new ROM.