callerid - Withheld, unknown or new number filtering - by asking caller to state their name

  • Ravi

    How can I make my phone do the following if the number is unknown:

    • Answer the phone
    • Play a message that says "As you are calling from an unknown number, please State your name"
    • Record their reply
    • Put them on hold
    • Allow me to hear their message and either accept the call, send to voicemail or hang up
  • Answers
  • JonnyP

    Google Voice has options for this. If you have a Voice account and someone calls you using that number you can use the Call Screening option to force them to record a message you can hear before you pick up.

    GV Call Screening

    Edit: Google Voice is currently only available in the US, so if you live anywhere else this solution obviously won't work for you.

  • Sparx

    Browsing thru the market led me to this app called Mr. Number.


    • NEW: Status for calls and texts
    • Block calls and texts from one person or the world
    • Automatic reverse lookup for every number that is not in your contacts
    • Manual reverse lookup for mystery calls on your home or work phone
    • Add new contacts to your address book with one click
    • Catch telemarketers, debt collectors, and other spammers before they waste your time
    • Report spam calls and texts to warn other users
    • Control what name other Mr. Number users see when you call them

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  • adopilot

    I am missing that feature from Nokia devices, Is there a chance to make my Xperia X10 say callers name when I have incoming call

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  • Leimi

    The application SayMyName Dessert does this quite well.